Seek out a Smoking Gun

In the legal world, there’s a term called “Smoking Gun” which refers to that critical little bit of information which makes it impossible for the opponent to win a court case.

It’s an undeniable fact, a piece of evidence or whatever which proves what you have to say beyond any seed of doubt. And there are always a large amount of correlations between law and advertising because when you are selling via the printed word, your jury can be your customer. And you need to do everything in your capacity to prove your case beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Just what exactly could be some types of a “smoking gun” in the advertising world? Well, let’s say I own a piece of property on the coast of Western Australia and I wish to sell it. But I’m having trouble getting the price I want.

Perhaps a “smoking gun” little bit of information I could find is the very fact property in coastal areas has gained 20% or 30% or 40% (or whatever) greater capital growth returns than properties somewhere else in the country.

Is sensible, right? Obviously, I do not know when it is true Smokin Guns. But when I was the buyer, I’d believe it is pretty hard to ignore an undeniable fact like this.

How about if I was selling tyres? Well, this is a pretty easy one. If I owned a tyre shop, I could be buying a little bit of information regarding what percent of accidents happen from old tyres.

Think about shoes?

If I was selling shoes, I would search for information regarding how the shoe affected other regions of the body. Looking at things such as foot reflexology, and the interconnectedness between feet and overall health, feet and its impact on back pain, etc.

And if I could find that little gem of information, no longer am I purely selling shoes, I’m selling an overall health solution. And people can pay for quality if you can prove that it’s going to create their overall health better.

Is sensible, doesn’t it?

So today, consider doing some research on these facts. Have a look at the web sites such as the Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph, CNN, Highbeam Research and CNN and see what facts you can dig up about your industry which may be your “Smoking Gun.”

And then take those facts and utilize the strategies you’ll uncover to generate an ad or sales letter which gives you an overwhelming advantage over your competition.

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