Why Prescription Drugs Are just As Dangerous and Habit forming As Illegal Drugs

Sometimes in our society we get so embroiled with keeping illegal drugs away from our children and off the streets that we tend to forget about the prescribed drugs that are legal and obtainable. Many people are destroying their own prescription medications or are obtaining or destroying drugs that are prescribed for somebody else. These prescribed drugs can be just as dangerous, lethal, and as enslaving as most illegal drugs.

There various types of prescribed drugs that are getting mistreated everywhere over the world. One of the most common to get mistreated are of the opioid variety. These are the drugs such as OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin. These drugs are made to relieve the pain.

Another variety of drugs that get over used that are prescribed are drugs like Xanax and Valium that are produced to treat depression, anxiety, and sleeping problems. Stimulants however are the most mistreated type of prescribed drugs that fans like to get their hands on.

There many conditions that may arise from destroying prescribed drugs. First of all it’s never safe to take more than the prescribed dosage recommended, but abusers exceed the recommended amount often. The doctors make these recommendations on very informed information about the drug and the association with the person taking them. Anytime you go beyond what the given recommendation is you are potentially endangering your life.

The medial side effects caused by prescribed drugs can be extremely dangerous as well. Even though the drug might be prescribed to alleviate pain, it may also slow the heart considerably. So overdoing this drug could actually cause your heart to stop. Each of these drugs also don’t mix well with other drugs which abusers may match the prescribed drugs. Alcohol, pot, cocaine, and heroin may be lethal when in combination with a prescribed drug. Buy Dmt powder online

With these drugs as prescribed and only the recommended dosage because of your doctor, it’s probably you will not become enslaved by the drug. However, when you go beyond the recommended dosage amounts that were prescribed, there’s a good chance you will become enslaved by the drug and aim for more, more often. Always doing more than the given amount will wreck havoc on your normal brain patterns and your brain will trick you into thinking you need more or want more.

Addiction is a serious disease which should never be ignored. If you or a loved one have an addiction problem it’s best to make sure the prescribed drugs are out of mind and out of view for the addict.

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